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February 06 2016

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Burst Pipe in Norilsk, Russia. Photo by Elena Chernyshova


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This is what the Iowa Democratic race looks like Tuesday morning. Hillary Clinton’s campaign is claiming victory, while Bernie Sanders’ says it’s still too close to call. 

All! This is the reason why we all need to TURN THE FUCK UP. TURN. UP. Register! 

Look at the Entrance Polls stating who is coming in (Squeezed together for visibility)


VOTERS 17-29 (18% of voters) = BERNIE SANDERS BY 84% v. CLINTON’S 14% 

VOTERS 30-44 (19% of voters) = BERNIE SANDERS BY 58% v. CLINTON’S 37%

37% of voters ARE UNDER 45.

64% of voters ARE OVER 45.


Register the FUCK to vote. And TURN UP. Just a few more waking up and getting over to the caucuses would have turned a TIE into a WIN. Just think on how the primaries would go! Register! Party affiliate! And don’t stop at voting just for President, but get yourselves heard by picking reps so Congress AND STATE REPS AND GOVERNORS realizes that they can’t “just listen to the old generation” anymore.

Change that voter percentage so all of you all’s voices can be heard. Up that percentage! Do whatever it takes to show up! We have truly the ability to change things if we JUST SHOW UP.

Young people need to vote. Or are you always gonna listen to your parents

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Ladies, gents and non-binaries: Stephen Fry, man who possesses the most common sense of any human on earth.

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February 05 2016

Der BGH hat der Contentmafia die Tür für Netzsperren-Verfügungen ...

Der BGH hat der Contentmafia die Tür für Netzsperren-Verfügungen gegen ISPs geöffnet. Das kann ja wohl nicht WAHR sein!
Die Gefahr beispielsweise, dass durch solche Blockaden legale Inhalte gleich mitgesperrt würden, sah der BGH nicht als ausreichend, um sie zu untersagen. Sonst könnten sich Anbieter illegaler Inhalte hinter einigen legalen Angeboten quasi verstecken, meinten die Richter. Außerdem erklärte der BGH, dass bei solchen Websperren weder dem Fernmeldegeheimnis aus Artikel 10 des Grundgesetzes, noch Artikel 7 der EU-Grundrechtecharta maßgebliche Bedeutung zukomme. Die würden sich auf private Kommunikation beziehen. Websperren seien dagegen vergleichbar einer "Löschung eines Telefonbucheintrags".
Äh, ach? Ist das so?
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Ancient Greek floor mosaic excavated in southern Turkey, near the Syrian border. 
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February 04 2016

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Bernie Sanders: The Vox conversation - YouTube
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