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November 27 2014

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finally I know where this comes from.

(the rest of their stuff is way more accessible, by the way)
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- Stephen Crane
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Hawaii, USA: “A wild, airborne abstract created by an exploding lava bubble. Waves of thermal distortion in the lower half of the frame is an indication of the amount of intense heat being released,” writes photographer Bruce Omori. 

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Just married!

This is Vivian (91) and Alice (90), and they just got married. They’ve been dating for 72 years, and together they have visited all 50 US states, all the provinces of Canada, and been twice to England. Quote Alice: “We’ve had a good time”.

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whoever did this….incredible..

The Painting is called A Tale of Two Hoodies, and it was done by Michael D’antuono

Weißer Cop erschießt 12jährigen schwarzen Jungen. ...

Weißer Cop erschießt 12jährigen schwarzen Jungen. Der Junge lief mit Spielzeugpistole herum. Der Cop war gerade knapp zwei Sekunden vorher angekommen, da hat er ihn auch schon nieder geballert.

Und in St Louis haben Undercover-Polizisten zwei Schwarze festgenommen, die Bomben für einen Anschlag auf den für Ferguson zuständigen Staatsanwalt von ihnen kaufen wollten.

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November 26 2014

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