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October 04 2019

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September 27 2019

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September 24 2019

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Drecksfotzenrichter fällen geisteskrankes Urteil gegen Renate Künast, das Justizia wie eine Schlampe aussehen lässt, die auf den Sondermüll gehört

Sollte man diesen Stücken Scheiße die Fresse polieren? Drecksfotzenrichter am Berliner Landgericht haben heute in einem geisteskranken Urteil gegen Renate Künast entschieden, dass sie alle Beschimpfungen, die in diesem Artikel stehen, als nicht beleidigend hinzunehmen hat.

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In my opinion activists should stop using the metaphor of a dying Earth. Earth does not care. Our experiment in global warming? 'tis but a scratch to Earth. The planet will have hundreds of millions of years to recover and it has been through worse.
And why would people start to act for something that only exists as an abstract concept in their perosnal realities?
If you want people to change their ways, you would need to make sure they understand that they have to make an effort for their own good. They need to know that they, personally, and their children will suffer the consequences of climate change.
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