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April 05 2017

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San Francisco | Patrick

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you’ve been hit by- you’ve been struck by a smooth criminal

this is the greatest moving picture file that has ever been placed on the internet

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Hypervelocity impact sample 💥 When a ~1/2" diam. Al ball impacts a 7" thick Al block @ 15k mph, simulating space debris hitting a spacecraft
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Jordi Huisman
Italy, 2012

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Gorgeous tribute to Blade Runner by artist Victo Ngai.

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March 15 2017

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"Been stuck in traffic for the last 10 minutes in Euro Truck Simulator 2. What am I doing with my life?"
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“The Devil Went Down To Georgia” White Trash Washing Machine Cover

That’s just. Amazing.


this is awesome

This is literally the futuristic version of washboard music. Is that not just fucking amazing? We had dudes playing washboards to accompany music since the early days of blues and zydeco and today we’re sitting here watching someone using a washing machine in the exact same way. Imagine being some old fella playing a washboard with thimbles in a little jug-and-tea-chest outfit back in the 20s, imagine if someone told you that in about 100 years time, some kid would be using a machine that will replace the washboard to serve the exact same purpose.

This shit is why I’m such a giant music nerd.

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Christine Spengler, Le bombardement de Phnom-Penh, Cambodge, Avril 1975.
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Obelisk near Cairo, Egypt, 1934
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