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June 26 2017

Wenn die Steuerung vom Kopf der Fahrerin zu irgendwelchen -auch weit entfernten- Microchips verschoben wird, dann ist am Ausfluss von Daten nichts zu ändern.
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The city steals your soul
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May 22 2017

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23 cent/km
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New dad wants to play with his puppies. [full video]

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Saturn's North Pole Hexagon (Source NASA) 

The first true-color images of Saturn taken during Cassini’s close encounter are coming in — and they’re beautiful! 
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picasso photographed by gjon mili, 1949

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by Robert McCabe

Observatory Road, Athens, Greece, 1955. [x]

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© Eliot Elisofon. USA. Model and Crane. 1937

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Bruce Davidson

USA. NYC. 1957. Lower East Side.

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